Web3 plugins, web3 api streams

Hello do you have any web3 plugins, like metamask plugin etc

Hi @STRATOSG , as of now there are no web3 plugins but if anything is available over REST APIs, then it can easily be integrated, be it authentication, fetching of data, creation of new data, update, delete or anything else.

If you can provide more Information as what exactly are you planning to build, then we can guide you as how to do it.


Hello @vishsahu ,

Upon @STRATOSG 's question, I would also like to ask something related to web3 stuff.

I am trying to integrate solflare, (DOC: Detecting the Provider - Solflare Wallet) and it says it needs to install some sort of library like @project-serum/sol-wallet-adapter or solanaweb3.js at the client side device in order to execute consequent codes. So basically this document is for making a wallet app for the clients.

I would like to know whether drapcode allows client’s or user’s device to execute the javascript code that installs solana library, or it is prohibited due to security issue or something.

Hi @m8cha,

As of now, installing of external 3rd party js libraries are not allowed but this is something which is in the roadmap and will be available for the enterprise plans initially and then probably we will roll out for all other users.

Installing of external libraires is a bit complex/security related thing and we need to make sure that it does not impact other applications running on DrapCode platform.

Hope this help.

Wow, thanks for the fast reply!

I am looking forward for your team to support web3 plugins!

May I know your expected date for your team’s roadmap on this external 3rd party js libraries?

Also I would like to know whether it is possible that exporting my project into js code (with paid plan) and custom code it with vss to make it wallet app. I have looked up the features and noticed that your team supports exporting the code. Since 3rd party library hasn’t established on project builder yet, I am then thinking of it to exporting the code without crypto wallet part and custom code it outside the builder to do service. And also importing it back to the builder so that I can revise the app with builder again.

Hi @m8cha,

Probably by Q1 or Q2 coming year we will add this feature.

Yes, by exporting the soucer code you can easily install the libraries as you need. You can export the full source code of your project by upgrading to a paid plan. The code is standard Node.js/ JS/ HTML/ CSS and the database is MongoDB.

You cannot import the code back to DrapCode builder, but you can do futher changes and export the code again as many times as you want.

Just make sure that you add new code files for the extended functionality, so as to avoid any merge conflict with the code coming from DrapCode export. You can check keep the update code to any Git repository.

We are working on a feature, where we can push the exported code directly to your Github code repository, so that you can manage your code in a seamless way.

Hope this helps. Let me know if anything is not clear or if there are any futher questions.

Thanks for your kind reply, this really helped establishing my project plan.

I am a bit confused by this part of your answer:
“Just make sure that you add new code files for the extended functionality, so as to avoid any merge conflict with the code coming from DrapCode export. You can check keep the update code to any Git repository.”
I am guessing that you are trying to say make sure I do the version management for code where I keep new copy for every export, right?


Yes, by that line i meant to say that don’t change a lot of things in the DrapCode generated code files for a new functionality as when you export the source code again, then it may create merge conflicts with your custom code added to the same file.

Easier option would be to add new code in new files so that the new version coming from DrapCode will not overwrite those changes (only needed when you are exporting from DrapCode again and again for new features).

Oh I see, it is very clear now.

Thank you so much!

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