What is the suggested order of the development process?

When developing on DrapCode and using bootstrap components, what are the best steps to take for development? Should I:

  • First import the components, style the pages as I like, and then connect my data?

  • Configure my data-source/collections and then import the theme, connecting my data as I style each page?

  • Should I be taking a different approach altogether?

The next few questions are about setting up a data source and/or collections. With a different platform I was using, I was unable to have the data update immediately after some change was made by the user that triggered an automation in Airtable. The result of the automation needs to immediately update the data being displayed to the user.

  • When connecting with Airtable, what considerations should be made in regards to the collections?

  • When should collections be used, if Airtable is the data source? When should they not be used?

  • Are there any constraints or limitations in displaying live data to my users with Airtable as the data source?

I know those are a lot of questions, but they are the thing that is really slowing me down. I do not want to make guesses while building. I would like to be able to come at this with a clear plan of what I need to do and then execute that plan. If you are able to provide me with this, it would be incredibly helpful.

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UPDATE: Found answers to 1st section and some relevant content for the 2nd set of questions.

I found the answer to my first group of questions in this this video: Implementing Custom Design using ready-made HTML Template

I found this video that discusses the relationship between an Airtable data source and collections - I didn’t find it at first because ‘Airtable’ wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the title so I’m posting the link here for others who may be searching for the same information - great video btw!

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Hi @Yuvraj,

This is a very good question and we will publish a tutorial on Steps to build a web application on DrapCode soon.

Thanks for your patience.


Thank you, I am eagerly looking forward to watching your tutorial - I have found your tutorials to be very concise and incredibly helpful, a real perk!

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Thanks for the kind words. We will release the tutorial soon.