Fleet Solution project

i am new to this web app i had created the above name project in excel with vba but due to limitation i opted to go for web app i need assistance to create my project

Hi @Mitesh,

The one you mentioned in the sheet, can be done easily on DrapCode.

First you will have to create all the collections and fields (as per your sheet) and then you can start building the UI pages to connect them.

Please feel free to reach out if you need any help.


what about the calculation and arguments like for case of loading vehicle registration in combobox it used to check branch then vehicle number and ommit those vehicles which have been assigned trip also when giving fuel only those vehicles which are on trip and start location is the fuel station it loads in that fuel station along if once fueled than can be populated in combobox also the trip number is unique auto generated when data is saved how do i give those arguments

That can be done with some custom logic using cloud functions such as AWS Lambda. We have its support in DrapCode.

hello mr. Sahu i used login plugin on publishing the app when directed for login from the login btn does not appear on form why where could i have gone wrong

i sorted the issue my request was how can i upload my excel with vba using this platform and build the app

hello team why data not populating in table after publishing is it that when creating collection i need to select any option, two can i run two events when clicking a button like when storing triprecord it should add 1 to the last record if example last trip was 100 then when new trip is initiated then it should get trip number to 101

Hi @Mitesh,

Your data is not showing up because the data is different for preview and live environment. So whatever you have created in Preview, will not show up in the live environment and vice versa.

Hope this answers your question.


For Incremental number generation, you can try with the Custom Unique Id field type:


under this link it allows to get vehicle registration but when published it does not allow why so

This is not the preview or published URL.

when adding data after creating collection it populates data as per reference of field but when published it does not populate same way with vehicle table i am not sure where i am going wrong

basically its happening with all reference data be it when initiating trip or even updating driver data

https://srt-fleet-solution4267_v1.preview.drapcode.io/addnew-vehicle#tab2 preview link

Hi @Mitesh,

Have you seen the video explaining that the data is going to be separate for different environments? This could be the scenario in your case.


i have upgraded my plan as per the way event should be set for saving data ive followed still no data is saved after publishing it brings put error kindly advice as i need to allow users to start using the project

Hi @Mitesh,

I would suggest you schedule a meeting here Calendly - Vishal Sahu and we will assign someone to guide you.


can i call you on phone

Sorry, we don’t do phone calls.

Cannot POST /api/v1/open/null/constructor/ this is the error i get when saving data to collection through collection form